Our Farm

Who We Are

Our farm is a product of many years of research, travel, and thought. Utilizing the European model for productivity, ethical standards, sustainability, and low environmental impact, we developed and adopted this vision in Texas.

Raised With Care

After importing 420 breeding rabbits from Europe for genetics, ethical grow-out equipment from Italy, and veterinary knowledge from the Netherlands, we started our journey in April of 2020.

Rabbit Hill Farms

Today we are proud of the success Rabbit Hill Farms has had in developing and implementing a farming system not seen before in the USA. From artificial insemination to grow-out results, we are changing the landscape of commercial rabbit farming in this country. Through increased awareness and exposure, the market for rabbit meat in America is endless and underserved.

After all, it is well known that rabbit meat has more protein and is lower in fat than any other meat on the market. Our story has no end; Rabbit Hill Farms will continue to grow, learn, and play a very important role in the sustainable future of commercial rabbit farming in America.

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